Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humour appeal in advertising

Humour generates feelings and pleasure and for this reason it has a potential for the feeling to become associated with the brand and affect consumer attitude towards the brand and probably its image . Humour can also affect information processing by attracting attention ,improving brand name recall , creating a pleasant mood and reducing the chances of counter arguing. The positive side of humour ads can be summed up on the following points
1)Humour attracts attention

2)Humour can help increase ad message retention

3)Source credability can be enhanced by humour

4)Humour may diminish the counter argument  because  it distracts audience  from making cognitive  responses


  1. I never considered using humor within my brand image. I am scheduled to meet with a brand consulting firm next week in hopes of improving my business's image. I will have to bring this idea up and see if I can find a way to implement it.

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