Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Live Monaco F1 Grand Prix at Tote, Mumbai

To make Monaco the “Next Destination” for the Indian high class traveler by bringing to him a glimpse of the city through the famous Monaco Grand Prix .
About Monaco.

Monaco located in the South western Europe, on the North Central coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by France from 3 sides and Italy just 16 km away.
Known for its high life, fine architecture, night life, casino’s and of course the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Rally…it could be the best choice for a luxurious getaway for the rich and famous .

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is known as the most significant and famous automobile races in the world, with its narrow course laid out in the streets of Monaco, making it one of the most challenging tracks in Formula One
Triple Formula One champion Nelson Piquet was fond of saying that racing at Monaco was "like trying to cycle round your living room", but added that "a win here was worth two anywhere else".
The Big Idea

Corner seat invitation for participants and their friends for the Monaco Grand Prix with French hospitality and entertainment
USP of the Event
Get a sneak preview of the luxurious& glamorous lifestyle of Monaco within a few hours .
Who will be Attending

    HNI’s - People who are capable of spending €1000 per day during their next personal/business travel
        C level employees of mid and small cap organizations
    Crème de la crème for imparting snob value during PR
    F1 enthusiasts.
Entertainment French Style
       MONACO - the "Chic" experience
       Before the race starts a classy dance sequence
     Sitting at a table with a colourful cocktail a beautiful lady is enjoying the race and the party organized for the event (sounds of cars passing and people talking at the party). A gentleman, mesmerized by her beauty tries to impress her with a very elegant and romantic solo dance number. First shy, she finally gives in and joins him in a very sensuous and graceful partner dance sequence with elements of jive, French tango and salsa on French lounge music
       Duration 12-15 min
       2 dancers – 1 female & 1 male (French national; dancer, actor, choreographer, writer, painter & Director of the IN STEP Dance Company)

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