Thursday, March 10, 2016

           Sunshine  of Alicias Life

2015 July  , Alicia  get a professional request to connect in linkedin with a guy who is based  in Alabama interested to know whether she can consult his company   am interested  for building strategy document for their brands . Had no clue how will this professional request alter her  life completely .
Though she have accepted the request after 3 months in September  .. He came as a Storm in her life , swept her away in every way . Fell in love with this unknown  person without even meeting him . He became the centre of her life . He became her life , every step , every moment , every breath she  took and taking is to do with him . She  asks herself  have” I met you before “? Do  I know  you ? This feels so right? This feels like I am home ,  I know him for years . I dont love him for anything particular . I love him and accept him the way the way he is and the way he is not .  Opportunities come time a dozen every day and   it does make her  think why can’t she  move on from this guy , what does hold her  to be so deeply involved with him ?she cant  get an answer . So she have stopped asking this question to herself , completely .
It sounds weird . He wakes  up every morning  in her thoughts , She  closes  her  eyes seeing him in the night .   She  enjoy whatever moments she  get with him , she  capture them in her heart  and cherish them she loves to argue with him ,read with  him fight with  him as well as strict with him . She loves to disagree with him , and agree with him , so does he .Its completely  Paradoxical .
There is deep friendship where they  stand for each other. Never thought someone will come in her life and give her  smile and pain together in this format .
The day she  kissed him for the 1st time it seemed like she  have kissed him before, the lips the  saliva all felt like she  knows  it I have felt it before. When she  made Love to him it seemed like being one .

Today  all the moments which she  gets  with him she  cherishes it .   

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