Friday, December 16, 2011


A  little  child playing cricket with brother and his friends !! Suddenly Mama calls  , “Jhupa come up your friends from school is here to play with you . Jhupa the little girl sulks and then  here she goes to  play  with girls “Doctor game with Barbie doll ! That s  how we all grew up juggling between where do we stand today in terms of society !!Though I did both , played cricket as well as played with Barbie Doll !! The art of  multithinking &Multitasking starts  up from the age of 5 . where you see you mother  doing 10 things at the same time  and we  replicate the same , as well as take positives of Father

In todays scenario we have more and more woman reaching the C level position in organization and managing life , family , husband all of that together , all his possible !!

IIGlobal a company who recognizes talents and provides a platform for only C level woman and Entrepreneurs to come close an network with each other as well as give them the recognition in a form of award . This year  the 3rd edition of Woman leaders  Conference held in Mumbai on 8th and 9th of Dec at the prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai !!
Two days of  discussion , exchanging of notes , challenges  etc , But to consider today the I way I look at it ! Both Men and Women  has equal role to play in any environment  , be it your office , home , social life , business etc , So we need to seek this as an opportunity to make the best  of both the genders ! “LET US CONSIDER ALL OF US AS  HUMANS “ NOT ONE AGAINST THE OTHER , IT IS ONE WITH THE OTHER .

So few woman were recognized in the 3rd edition  of Women Leader Conference . Fortunately I was one of them .

I have won  the Best Runner up award in the Woman Consultant Category  -2011

Here are few pics of the Event as well as the award .

Anuradha  Challu -Director -HR PEPSICO  INDIA REGION
Shweta Shukla  -Associate Director &Head External  Relations

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